Parametric Test Solutions

Parametric Test Solutions is a consulting services company that focuses on providing the parametric test semiconductor community with best known methods for test. Why is this important?

The current market conditions have severely affected the semiconductor industry and many companies are looking for cost reductions. For some, this means cutting headcount. For others, this means selling off under-utilized tools and cutting spending drastically. Still there are others who have had to do both in order to stay in business. Companies are in the position where they have to do more work with less. Who has the time to do timely re-tests? Even more importantly, with many senior engineers lost to the outside world, how is your company positioned to welcome the industry turn-around?

Help is just around the corner. Everyone knows the best ROI is utilizing the existing test environment to its maximum capabilities. This is what Parametric Test Solution does best. At PTS we will address and target areas specific to manufacturing or R&D electrical test operations and will demonstrate how to best leverage old as well as new wafer level DC, HF/CV, RF test technologies at your operation. Our focus is on parametric test systems 4062C/4062UX, 4071A, 4072A/B, 4073A/B and 408x. We also have in-depth knowledge of Keithley testers and can provide software conversion in these applications. If we can't guarantee a 5% test time reduction, your estimate is FREE.

If your engineers just need a helping hand to make the company more productive, we can give them workshops and 1 on 1 code review. We also have resources to review and re-develop your labs or bench top applications to bring them to top efficiency.

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